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Thursday, October 29 Annual Meeting
Fails to Obtain Quorum

Lack of Attendance Stymies Forward Progress

The Kingsberry Homeowners' Association was unable to conduct official business at its Annual Meeting on Thursday, October 29, 2015 due to a lack of attendance by homeowners. Representation by a minimum of 18 out of the total 71 homeowner members was required. This is the first time since Kingsberry's inception in 1985 that the Board was unable to conduct business at the Annual Meeting.

The inability to conduct required business, such as the approval for next year's budget, is a serious matter inevitably impacting property values for each homeowner in Kingsberry. The Board is considering next steps and will advise the membership once its deliberations are finalized.

2015 Annual Assessment Fee
Getting Approval for Changes: Kingsberry's Architectural Approval Process
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