The Architectural & Environmental Review Committee (AERC)

Background: Structure & Authority

The document governing the operations of the Kingsberry Homeowners' Association (called Kingsberry's Declaration) establishes an Architectural and Environmental Review Committee (AERC). The AERC is charged with a difficult responsibility: to develop oversight criteria for community architectural changes and property maintenance to keep the community attractive and optimize property values.

The Architectural Guidelines, therefore, are an amplification and expansion of the controlling Articles of Kingsberry's Declaration, provided in layman's (easy-to-understand) terms. They are designed to inform homeowners about acceptable design practices while allowing individuals the fullest freedom and flexibility in personal expression and property use. Simply put, they are designed to keep our community an attractive and desirable place to live with an eye towards maximizing our property values.

What is the AERC?

The Kingsberry Architectural and Environmental Review Committee (AERC), identified in many of our community documents, consists of three residents who volunteer a great deal of their time to the benefit of Kingsberry's community. They are appointed by the Kingsberry Homeowners' Association Board of Directors and receive no compensation for their many hours of community service.

Kingsberry's three AERC officials are Susan Acker, Alison Lipson, and Connie Messmer. Together, they review homeowners' requests for exterior changes and, when approved, issue approval notices for requested projects. Their e-mail address is:

Getting Approval For Changes: Kingsberry's AERC Approval Process

AERC Approval Form (under construction)

Notices of AERC Violations

Pre-Approval Policy

Fairfax County Building Permit Requirements

Miss Utility

Paint & Paint Colors


Car Covers

Windows (under construction)

Decks (under construction)

Lawn & Garden (under construction)

Trash Pick-up (under construction)

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