Kingsberry Committees

Kingsberry's By-Laws designate a 3-person Board of Directors who, in turn, are directed to appoint at least three people to the Architectural and Environmental Review Committee. For the purposes of efficient administration, the Architectural and Environmental Review Committee has four Subcommittees that assist and report to the Committee. These Subcommittees are 1) the Rules and Regulations Subcommittee, 2) the Grounds and Maintenance Subcommittee, 3) the Social and Reporting Subcommittee, and 4) the Parking Subcommittee. Together, the Subcommittees and the A&E Committee work for the Board to administer and direct the operations of the Kingsberry community.

The Architectural & Environmental Review Committee

Rules & Regulations Subcommittee

The Grounds & Maintenance Subcommittee

The Social & Reporting Subcommittee

Parking Subcommittee

Volunteering for a Subcommittee